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The Bowen Technique - Courtyard Wells - Natural Therapy Centre

The Bowen Technique


The Bowen Technique originated from Australia and was founded by a man named Thomas Bowen. It is a very effective, non invasive musculoskeletal treatment that releases and realigns the muscles in the body, to help restore the body's correct structure and function, and to promote healing and pain relief. Jay uses thumb and figure pressure to make rolling type moves over muscles, ligaments and tendons to create a disturbance within the body. This action sends vibrations through the fascia layer and to surrounding muscles.

Bowen stimulates the nerve endings within the fascia layer which helps to release nerves, allowing messages to arrive at the brain in an understandable format. By stimulating the nervous system, many other internal and external systems are also heightened such as the circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, muscular system, and so on. Because it is a gentle form of treatment it is suitable for adults and children of all ages.

Bowen is used to treat a wide variety of problems including:


Back pain  Whiplash
Neck pain / stiffness Knee or ankle pain/stiffness
Sciatica Pre/postnatal discomfort
Frozen / restrictive shoulder Stress related tension
Headaches and migraines Respiratory problems
Sports injuries (old or new) Tennis/Golfers elbow
Pelvic rotation/ twist/tilt MS, ME and Chronic fatigue
Jaw stiffness / pain Increase muscular flexibility
RSI and Carpel tunnel  


Treatment is performed through light loose clothing and each session last approximately ¾ hr - 1hr. Specific problems usually require a short course of  2 - 3 treatments followed by a top up treatment once every 3 - 6 months to help maintain correct body balance and well-being.  Long term illnesses and pregnant women can be treated as often as once a week for as long as the client wishes.  A one off treatment can also be beneficial as it can provide great stress relief by encouraging relaxation and improving overall well-being.


To book your treatment with Jay Bolton, please call him on 07545 654619.




BACK PAIN - 19/02/2015

I am writing on behalf of my 91 year old mother who has been suffering with back pain.

After 3 sessions last year, following a pelvic fracture she was no longer in any pain.

However this year she has been suffering with the same area, after 2 sessions is now pain free.


Mr A.S Wells, Somerset


PARKINSON'S - 19/02/2015

Since my first "taster" session, I have felt the benefit, both mentally and physically. My tremor has lessened and I feel more "grounded" and relaxed.


Mrs M.M Wells, Somerset




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