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Choose to live your values


What are your values & are you successfully living according to them?

A short exercise from Adult Fatigue Management, RNI in Bath


For each of the areas listed below, consider how you most want to live your life.

Then rate how important each domain is for you.  This is not about how well you are doing in each area – it is about how important it is to you.  Rate the importance you place in each domain using any number on the scale from 0 (not at all important) to 5 (extremely important).  Each area need not be important to you – rate an area low if it is not important to you personally.


0 – Not at all important        1 – Slightly important                       2 – Somewhat important    

3 – Moderately important    4 – Very important                5 – Extremely important


A.       Family – Participation in your relationships with your parents, children, other close relatives, people you live with, or whoever is your ‘family’.


B.      Intimate relations – Being the kind of partner you want to be for your husband / wife or closest partner in life.


C.      Friends – Spending time with friends, doing what you need to maintain friendships, or providing help and support for others as a friend.


D.     Work – Engaging in whatever is your occupation, your job, volunteer work, community service, education, or your work around your own home.


E.      Health – Keeping yourself fit, physically able, and healthy just as you would most want to do.


F.       Growth & Learning – Learning new skills or gaining knowledge, or improving yourself as a person as you would most want.



Now, for each of the areas of life listed above, consider again how you most want to live your life.  Then rate how successful you have been at living according to your values during the past two weeks.  These questions are not asking how successful you want to be, but how successful you have been.  Rate your success using any number on the scale from 0 (not at all successful) to 5 (extremely successful).


0 – Not at all successful        1 – Slightly successful                        2 – Somewhat successful

3 – Moderately successful    4 – Very successful                5 – Extremely successful



What can you learn from any discrepancies between your values and being successful at living your values?

Can this help you to focus any changes you need to make to what you spend time and energy on?




Prepared by Karin Baynes

Practice Manager

12th May 2018



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