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Clinical Hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress


Free Initial Consultation worth £50!*


Are you experiencing overwhelming, unrealistic fears or worry?  Perhaps you feel constantly restless

and struggle to get to sleep at night or maybe you have simply forgotten how to relax.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you break free in a number of ways:

Reduce anxiety, manage stress, overcome low mood, sleep better, beat addiction, quit smoking, lose weight,

combat phobias, enhance sport performance, improve confidence, increase motivation, control exam nerves.


Anxiety can manifest itself in numerous ways.  Many clients know why it happened the first time but repeated attacks out of the blue have stopped them living the lives they want to.  Some people even feel anxious about being anxious, which leads them to avoid certain situations like socialising in groups or withdrawing from activities.  This can lead to further problems such as depresssion.


Anxiety can bring on a range of symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), insomnia and skin complaints but it can also lead to phobias and addictive behaviour such as smoking, drinking, gambling or even over-eating.  It's natural to feel anxious some of the time - we live in a society where great demands are placed on us.  But when we produce too much anxiety it can spiral out of control and can result in us becoming less able to cope in everyday situations.


Anxiety triggers the release of andrenalin and cortisol initiating the 'fight or flight' stress response in the primitive part of our brain.  When something fearful happens (even when we perceive danger) we learn a particular behaviour in response.  Each time something similar happens, we go back to our stored memory and the physical and emotional reactions attached to that memory are repeated.  Sometimes these reactions are inappropriate, unhealthy and unhelpful.


Mindful Techniques:

Kirstie can help the client to correct anxiety in clinical hypnotherapy.  Through teaching basic and mindful relaxation techniques, and with the use of guided visualisation (hypnosis), clients are able to feel calm and in control again, alleviating symptoms.


While the client is in a relaxed state they become much more focused (the brain works much harder under hypnosis). 

By promoting positive suggestion to the subconscious mind and through a natural process called neuroplasticity,

new, healthier thoughts and behaviours can replace unwanted negative thoughts and behavioural patterns.


So why not get back on track now, by booking an initial consultation,

which is FREE!*


* Please note this offer is valid for a limited period and appointments are subject to availability.


Kirstie Salter - DHP, HPD, MNCH

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

07966 517708



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