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Herbal Medicine - Courtyard Wells - Natural Therapy Centre

Herbal Medicine


Rooted in Traditions, based on Science


Herbal medicine or Phytotherapy is an ancient, effective, natural green medicine using Western medicinal plants. Plant remedies come as natural tinctures, tea or cream – this is not the same as homeopathy. Herbal medicine addresses a very wide range of common health complaints – both physical and emotional. It is particularly effective for skin disorders; problems with sleep, stress, anxiety & fatigue; it can improve digestion; ease the pain of arthritis; support immune response to fight recurrent infections; and improve resistance to short term stress in otherwise healthy people.


Treatment begins with an in-depth consultation covering your general health and the complaint for which you seek treatment. Your blood pressure will be taken and any physical examinations carried out. A prescription will comprise a portfolio of herbs - each selected for your individual and specific needs. Your prescription is made up and sent out to you. The ingredients label shows each herb used for you – meet your herbal helpers!


Herbal tincture remedies are selected, mixed and dispensed together in a 200 ml bottle and contain around five different herbs, each herb selected especially for each individual patient. A bespoke tea can be a helpful adjunct to tincture in many cases, and for skin disorders and arthritis, a specially made up cream might also be indicated. Remedies can work quickly - within a matter of days. For  long-standing complaints (over years) it may take a month of two to take effect. But medicine taken from nature’s medicine cabinet is effective - we know this - it has been used for thousands of years.


So, if you would like a natural answer to your health problems, or if conventional medicine isn’t working for you, call Victoria Edgar on 07722 741335 to make an appointment.  She warmly welcomes new clients to her Wells herbal practice.





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