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Reflexology - Courtyard Wells - Natural Therapy Centre



Reflexology is one of the best ways of bringing health and balance to the whole body.  It can really help us live happier and healthier lives.


This complementary therapy is based on the theory that specific points of the feet, lower legs, hands, face and ears correspond with all organs, glands and body parts.  By working these points with precision, massage generates deep relaxation and so enables the body to balance itself and stimulate its own healing abilities.


Reflexology - Courtyard Wells - Natural Therapy CentreReflexology - Courtyard Wells - Natural Therapy Centre


This gentle, nurturing therapy is suitable for everyone.  A qualified therapist will instinctively regulate the pressure, technique and duration of a treatment for the maximum benefit of their client..  After a treatment, most people experience an improved frame of mind and a sense of deep relaxation.


Our reflexologist Ann Bolus is a Member of the Association fo Reflexologists

To book your appointment with Ann, please ring her on 07896 994690

or email her at




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