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Spring Health Check with Acupuncture - Courtyard Wells - Natural Therapy Centre

Spring Health Check with Acupuncture


"Acupuncture is like jumping the surf - it reverses everything negative"

                 Cate Blanchett


Acupuncture is a drug free treatment which is designed to balance out the whole system to create better health in body and mind. As it is becoming more widely used, the media is covering positive experiences which celebrities are able to describe using acupuncture treatment.


Camilla Dallerup from 'Strictly come dancing' has suffered from back pain all of her life and claims that acupuncture is the only treatment which has given her any relief.


Toyah Wilcox has spoken about her treatments using acupuncture which have helped alleviate insomnia which she has had from age 14.


Hilary Baldwin said "I went to acupuncture - I believe in that kind of thing - the day before, to help induce labour" Hello Magazine.


Julie Walters had acupuncture for night terrors.''At the ripe old age of 48, after 30 years of badly disrupted sleep, I had acupuncture. On that night I slept through without waking and the next morning I cried and cried for what I had missed."


Sometimes we live with discomfort and distressing conditions for years, but they can impair our quality of life. Acupuncture was used in China to treat primary health. Spring is a good time to make a change.


If you would like to consider having acupuncture treatment,  please phone Linda Dowler at the Centre on 01749 673070.


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