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The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy


In my practice, my clients are both young and old.  I treat and help sportmen and sportswomen from a wide range of sports disciplines, but I also treat a great number of people who have developed problems due to the physicality of their work.  Perhaps a little less obviously, I treat Chefs and Musicians who have developed problems related to their posture and repetitive strain injury (RSI).


Some of my clients have a background of medical problems such as Parkinson's Disease and MS, which can give rise to alterations in their strength and posture;  in turn giving rise to muscle pains which benefit from Sports Massage Therapy.


Whilst many clients come initially because they have a problem, Sports Massage Therapy is also very useful for maintaining  good muscle tone and balance while helping to anticipate and prevent future problems arising.  It can also provide a profound sense of wellbeing and lift vitality.


However, for Sports Massage Therapy to have the best opportunity of providing maximum benefit, it is vital that the therapist listens carefully to the client and gains a clear understanding of the client's problems and how they have occurred.  This diagnostic (or detective) work is a very rewarding aspect of treatment, because it helps the client understand their problems more clearly and hopefully provides a basis for the client to anticipate or prevent further problems for themselves.


All in all, Sports Massage Therapy is a highly rewarding and beneficial occupation and for all these reasons I am passionate about it and truly love my work.


Belinda Mayne


Sports Remedial Massage Therapist

07711 719422



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